12:01 AM

VIDEO: Inside WhataGames: It's a Burger Olympics!

Competing in the Burger Olympics means you're the best of the best at Whataburger. And you could win $5,000.

It’s called WhataGames. And if you’re part of the Whataburger Family, it’s a big deal.

Every other year, Whataburger restaurants compete for a chance to attend this event, where restaurants vie for the gold medal – and thousands of dollars in prizes.

WhataGames is three days of non-stop activity for the competing teams. Restaurant teams show off their kitchen skills, and their customer service talents. Maintenance techs fix things on the fly. Everyone tests their knowledge of the company history and culture in a high-production quiz show.

And when it’s over, the winners take home $5,000. In cash. Each.

Like we said, it’s a big deal. Check it out.


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