Houston, Texas,
16:08 PM

Seen and Heard

WhataGames 2019 is in full swing!

We stopped a few teams on their way to the gold to see what they’re thinking as they go through the day.

Dropping Knowledge

Unit 30 from Odessa, Texas, studied hard for their Knowing is Growing game, going over a few last-minute trivia questions before the competition began. And all that hard work paid off – especially for Abram, their teammate back at the restaurant who answered the competition’s bonus question correctly. Now, they’re looking forward to the Get Your Grill On game. “That’s where we’re gonna shine!” Elie Rodriguez Ramos says.

Shopping Spree

The Whatastore has been a big hit with WhataGames finalists, with teams picking out swag for themselves, friends, families and teammates back home. Unit 508 Family Members shared some of their favorites: Miguel Chavez picked out a Spicy Ketchup T-shirt. Alicia Martinez liked the stuffed dinosaur. And Maria Gomez thinks the doormat is the best item. “When people come to your house, you gotta let them know!”

Escape Room Expert

Logan Galowitsch from Unit 984 in Allen, Texas, just completed an escape room two weeks ago, so he felt ready to rock the Know Where to Be game. “It was really fun! It was different than I was expecting … it really was like a real escape room,” he says. Lauren Sammataro, also from Unit 984, has one thing she’s most looking forward to about winning: “Bragging rights!”

MSC Mantra

Andy Collier, the Lead Tech from Region 9000, was all calm after The Heat is On game. “This is what we do every day. We work as a team, we work cohesively,” he says. “And safety is always first.” He also has some sage advice for other WhataGames competitors: “Take a deep breath and have a good time!”

1083 Pride

Unit 1083 from Brownsville, Texas, took advantage of some downtime between games to check out the oversized, branded games in the common area: Fancy vs. Spicy Ketchup checkers, Onion Ring toss, and more.

All One Team

At the afternoon session of All For One and One For All MSC Region 7000 contestants put their skills to the test while the Fan Zone cheered them on. “Let’s go, Joe! Let’s go, Joe!”

Gettin’ their Grill On

Unit 926 from Waxahachie, Texas, entered the Get Your Grill On competition with heads held high. “9-2-6! 9-2-6!” they chanted. The contestants huddled together for a quick moment, took a deep breath … and then they went to work.

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