03:40 PM

VIDEO: The Whataburger Challenge Face Off

Florida High School baseball and softball teams face off in ultimate Whataburger Challenge

What’s more fun than drinking a vanilla milkshake? Downing it as fast as you can with your friends cheering you on, of course!

And it’s all for a good cause.

Tate High School’s Baseball and Softball teams recently faced off in a series of challenges (including eating a double-meat, double-cheese burger) while attempting to keep their hand on an inflatable Whataburger cup the longest. The prize? Free Whataburger for a year, which the women of the softball team proudly took home. But that’s not all – Whataburger donated $1,000 to the school and an extra $500 to the team with the largest cheering section.

Get in on all the fun of a Whataburger Challenge and check it out.


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