07:46 PM

VIDEO: Whataburger Sauces Flex This Team's Tastebuds

Sauce choices satisfy students

Got a Whataburger chicken strip? Then you need a place to dunk it.

And the choices are darn near limitless.

Cream Gravy. Creamy Pepper. Ranch. Jalapeño Ranch. Fat-free Ranch. Honey BBQ. Honey Mustard. Buffalo Sauce.

And don't forget our newest dipping option: Honey Butter.

A San Antonio restaurant hosted football players from Macarthur High School to try out the lineup of Whataburger’s dipping sauces to find the ones that most tickled their tastebuds. With a lineup of enough chicken strips (and bites, and fries) to keep even a lineman full, they took on the task.

Check it out.

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