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Whataburger Lotería

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a zesty game of Lotería. Warning: Playing Whataburger Lotería may cause hunger. Fun is in the cards and on the table.

There’s a new game in town, and Whataburger fans are winning. Our version of classic Lotería celebrates all the things you love about Whataburger and makes sitting around the table with family a lot more fun (especially now)!

Here’s how to play:

  • Download and print all 36 colorful Whataburger Lotería cards to make a full deck.
  • Download all 4 versions of the tablas, or playing boards, and give every player a tabla. For big families, team up on the tablas. The more eyes the better!
  • Place a pile of small markers – dried beans, small pebbles, bottle caps, corks – in the middle of the table so everyone can reach them.
  • Now, choose someone to be The Announcer. This person will hold all the cards and won’t have a tabla.
  • To begin, The Announcer pulls a card from the deck and reads it aloud.
  • Any player with that image on their tabla places a marker on the corresponding square.
  • The Announcer continues to pull and call cards until a player covers three squares on their tabla in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, or fills their table completely.
  • Any player with a winning row of covered squares shouts “Whataburger!” and is declared the winner of the round.
  • Play as many rounds as you want!

Game Play Variations:

  • Rotate the role of Announcer among all players after each round.
  • Switch tablas between players after every round.
  • At the end of the game, the winner of the most rounds is treated to their favorite Whataburger meal.

Download your Whataburger Lotería Cards today, below! / ¡Descarga hoy mismo tu lotería de Whataburger!



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