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WhataGames Day One Registration Rundown

Excitement & trash-talking set the tone as teams arrive

WhataGames Registration began on Tuesday, and so did the WhataGames energy. There was plenty of excitement, a few nerves, and – like any great competition – a little bit of trash talk.

Clad in matching yellow shirts, Unit 409 from Uvalde, Texas, rallied the team around a theme of bees and honey, because Uvalde is the honey capital of the world. And also because they’re sweet – but they have a sting. “We’re the killer bees, because we’re going to kill the competition … in the nicest way possible,” AM Matthew Morales says.

The returning champs from Unit 4 in Kingsville, Texas, many of them with personalized orange-and-white bows, took a humbler approach to the event. Their advice to other teams? “Stay hungry, be humble, be fast and work hard,” Family Member Hipolito Galindo says.

First-time competitors Unit 501 from Jersey Village, Texas, were as cool as a Salted Caramel Shake in their matching embroidered black button-ups. “We’re ready for everything,” Family Member Stefani Padilla says. “We’ve already planned our vacation with the winning money!”

Houston’s Team 1079, also known as the Creamy Pepper Pirates, are excited to compete on their home turf. What motivates them to work hard and go for the gold? “We love each other. We’re working with our hearts,” GM Dana Stino says. “Everyone brings something to the table.”

Registration continues today, with the remaining finalist teams arriving for the competition kickoff. Finalist teams, get ready! As Maryam Steady, GM from Unit 501 in Jersey Village, Texas, says, “anything can happen at WhataGames.”

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