03:23 PM

9 reasons #ChorizoTaquito is your new favorite hashtag

  1. Whataburger chorizo is made in Texas. It tastes authentic because it is.

  2. The Mexican-style red chorizo that makes the #ChorizoTaquito so good includes ground pork, dried chiles and a secret blend of spices and seasonings.

  3. In addition to the red Mexican-style chorizo we know and love, other varieties of chorizo are the dry, cured chorizo of Spain and Portugal, and green chorizo from the Mexican state of Toluca.

  4. Lately, Chorizo has become a cultural force even outside Texas, with YouTubers creating odes to it, and even a Valspar-brand paint color named after it.

  5. Attending a baseball game in Milwaukee? A “chorizo” character has been a regular competitor in the famed sausage races at Milwaukee Brewers baseball games since 2007.

  6. Baseball and chorizo are linked in at least one other way as well. In the 1940s, a Californian named William Pena coached his nine sons on a baseball team called the Carmelita Chorizeros (“The Sausage Makers”).

  7. In the hit Pixar movie “Coco,” Hector is often referred to by his nickname “Chorizo.”

  8. Research shows that people who eat a good breakfast have better moods than those who don’t. In other words: A #ChorizoTaquito is good for your happiness.

  9. You can always enjoy your taquito in an alternative form: Add chorizo to your Breakfast On A Bun, Biscuit Sandwich or Jalapeño Biscuit Sandwich.

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