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5 Ways Online Ordering Makes Life Better

Another app to add to your smartphone, another profile to set up? Sure, we get the initial reluctance, but we believe you’re gonna love ordering from our new Whataburger® app or online.

Why are we so confident? Check out our top 5 reasons.

1. No pressure to “hurry up and order” from the folks behind you in line. When you’re ready, you’ll simply make your selection, and breeze by our store to pick up your meal when it’s ready. Done and done. For added convenience you can save your favorites for fast, efficient ordering in the future! What-a-function, right?

2. Wander through the menu to find new items to enjoy. Take a look beyond our signature sandwiches, and you’ll find all kinds of treats for your dining pleasure. Did you know we make a chicken fajita taco? Or serve up ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls? Or that you can add fresh avocado to anything on our menu? All these “secrets” and more are revealed when you order online or through the app.

3. Indulge and order your faves in a judgment-free zone. Get two patties and a side of Texas Toast. Upsize the fries and drink. Grab a shake and extra sauce. Shhh. When you order from the privacy of your car, office, or living room, no one but you and our crew needs to know what savory or sweet delights we’ll tuck into our signature bag. And it’ll be our little secret every single time you order it. Wink-wink.

4. Know your nutritional facts. Counting calories? Watching sugar and sodium intake? Ordering online or through the app gives you the skinny on the nutrition facts and updates the information in real time, according to your custom choices. You’ll eat smarter! (Again, you can save your choices for the future—and minimize the risk that you’ll succumb to temptation down the road.)

5. Once you place your order, you’re that much closer to that first perfect bite. Ready to bliss out on a shake? Swoon over our crispy Whatachick'n strips and gravy? Get a jump on your lunchtime nosh with a preorder from your phone or laptop. We’re only ever a couple of taps away from taking your order!

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