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8 students. 1,700 small plastic pieces. And a perfectly perfect Whataburger model.

Give a group of girls one afternoon and almost 2,000 orange-and-white building blocks … and what do you get?

Concentration. Collaboration. Laughter. And a miniature orange-and-white striped Whataburger building, right down to the sign out front.

When participants at Girls Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, dug into a box containing more than 1,700 orange-and-white blocks, they jumped at the chance to build a Whataburger of their very own. And while they were building buildings, they were also building knowledge.

Want to get in on the fun? Build your own three-dimensional Brxl set from our Whatastore, and you can do it just like we did – from the ground up.

This kit could be the perfect gift for that puzzle-loving Whataburger fan in your life – and we’ve got even more to choose from. Visit Whatastore for all things Whataburger.

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