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Nail your back-to-school shopping with these 9 gotta-have-it Whataburger retail items

Your sunburn is fading, your summer job is winding down and there’s a faintly crisp breeze in the air … you know what that means. The new school year is inching closer by the minute.

Nothing can ease the pain of back-to-school like a little retail therapy … and a burger or three.

Get to shopping, folks. Here are nine of our favorites for back-to-school.


Insulated Lunch Bag

Upgrade that brown bag lunch life with a Whataburger insulated lunch bag that will show off your good taste … no matter what’s for lunch.


External Phone Charger

Between Snapchatting pictures of your dog and answering your friend’s Instagram story polls, your cell phone battery probably needs some juice. And you’re probably not near a plug. And you’re also probably hungry. This fry box external charger can help with two of those three problems.


Fry Backpack

Be the coolest kid in class – or at the office – with this Whataburger fry backpack.


Zipper Ear Buds

Wireless earbuds may be all the rage these days, but you know what’s cooler? THESE EARBUDS THAT HAVE WIRES! But not just any wires. THESE WIRES ARE A ZIPPER! Enough said. *adds to cart*


Fry Day Tee

Is today Friday? Maybe. Is today Fry Day? You betcha. Channel the best day of the week, every day of the week, with your new favorite T-shirt.


Whataburger Custom Canvas Shoe

We’re not saying these shoes will get you to Whataburger any faster … but we’re not NOT saying that either… let us know how it goes. Looking for something for gym class? We’ll have more of these back in stock in September.


Cosmetic Bag

You gotta let people know what’s important in life. Spell it out with this new Whataburger cosmetic bag. Don’t wear makeup? No problem – put your pencils in it. Or use it to sneak an order of fries into class.


Dream Pens

If you go to school, you need a pen. Also, if you go to school, you have a teacher. You know what teachers love? Pens. Buy these pens and be the envy of all your friends … and maybe give one to your teacher when you want to make them smile. It’s a pen win-win.


Don’t Veto My Taquito Tee

We’ve all got differing opinions on the hard-hitting issues of our time – politics, religion and who should be the next Bachelor. But there’s one thing that no one should come for … and that’s your breakfast. Fight for your right to Taquito with this truly amazing T-shirt.


Hungry for more? Visit shop.whataburger.com and shop till you drop.

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