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Block your calendar for these holiday gift releases!

The only shopping list you’ll need.

We get it: It’s tough to keep up with all the cool new Whataburger holiday items this year. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a handy holiday calendar. Come back each week for the latest and greatest holiday gifts for every Whataburger fan on your list.


Nov. 4 – Cuddle up!

First up, it’s sweater time.

Right when you thought your Whataburger fashion game had peaked, we’re bringing out the 2019 Whataburger Christmas Sweater design! $42.99

Wondering what’s next? Come back Nov. 12 to get even more cozy!



Nov. 12: Warm Head. Warm Hands. Warm Heart.


Grab the newest additions to your holiday gear with a brand-new beanie and scarf set. Whether you split this set up as gifts, or keep it all for yourself, it’s a win-win for just $24.99.

We’ll make our next reveal Nov. 19 – and it’s sure to have you feeling sky-high!



Buy these holiday hits - and more - at our  Whatastore .

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