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Christmas Just Like You Like It

Delivering Holiday Cheer... with Some Help from a Friend

As a year, 2020 has been more Scrooge than Santa, more coal than cookies, more "no, no, no!" than "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

But we see you -- smiling behind your mask when you pick up curbside, coming through the drive-thru at the end of a shift in a hospital, buying lunch for your co-workers for no reason other than Whataburger Wednesday. You chisel out moments of kindness and service in the midst of it all.

You inspire us, and keep us firing up the grill, scooping up hot fries and serving cold drinks. We work every day to be a place where you can get a hot meal and a warm smile -- because we know the people we count on are counting on us.

For the holidays, we wanted to do something special and surprise some of our biggest fans by making their childhood wishes come true. So we asked on social media "What's one thing that you asked Santa for but never got?" The responses came pouring in. 

Then with some help from a old friend and a little bit of Christmas magic, we decided to make some of those dreams come true. 

Take a look:

More Magic Details

Educator Lisa Salazar had been dreaming of a Lego Millennium Falcon kit since she was a kid, but as an adult, she could never bring herself to spend the money when she knew it could go for extra supplies for her students. Our Santa in a souped-up sleigh delivered all 7,541 pieces, and she tells us she's already gotten started on the mammoth project!

For Garret Heath, Santa delivered the Sega Game gear he'd asked for as a kid. He didn't get it, and adding insult to injury, his little brother got the coveted gaming system two years later. But any saltiness Garret might have felt towards the guy in red disappeared when his two kids, Natalie and Gavin, got the surprise of their lives when St. Nick knocked on the door. 

The rest of the surprises were wrapped in orange and shipped to doorsteps from Arkansas to Arizona. A pair of Lightsabers, an instant camera and a boombox were just a few of the gifts packed up by elves, who included lots of swag and Whataburger for a Year in every package. 

For a look at more of the surprises and reactions, check out the slideshow below!


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