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Deck the Halls With Orange!

Whataburger Holiday Gift Guide 2020

No need for you to brave the Black Friday sales, or hover over your keyboard waiting for the Cyber Monday deals to drop. This year, kick up your feet, order delivery, and let Whataburger help you knock out the whole holiday list on the Whatastore.

Christmas parties definitely hit different in 2020, but whether you’re raising a toast on Zoom or loading up the car to see the lights, crank up those carols and break out the Whataburger Christmas sweater. This year’s edition is merrier than ever ($42.99).

Need to bundle up even more? Show everyone where your head's at this Holiday season with the WhataburgerBeanie & Scarf Set 2020 ($24.99)

Once you’ve decked out the fam, it’s time to get decorating.

First, no mantle is complete without the all-new, limited edition Whatakid with Fries Snowbaby. Cold cheeks, warm fries, can't lose. The neighbors might have an elves on their shelves, but you've got a Snowbaby with to-go, baby ($32.99)!  If you want him to look like a happy camper, surround him with our holiday table tents, which come in singles for $3.99 or a set of 5 for $10.99.

The Out-Whataburgering of your neighbors can continue outside, with the inflatable Merry Christmas Table Tent. After extensive research, we can report that they're big enough to be seen from the big guy's sleigh and alert Santa that you don't have just a plate of cookies, you've got his No. 1 with cheese, and fries for the Reindeer.   

Continue your theme with the Whataburger Holiballs -- available in two sizes in either orange or white. Red and green might be traditional, but orange and white is delicious.

Once you’ve decked the halls and dressed for the season, it’s time to start checking off all the people on your list:


No office? No problem. For your work-at-home pals, the Whataburger Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($11.99) can help preserve their peepers. Throw in our Blue and Orange Sunset Staunch collection hat ($29.99) for dealing with those "Oops, I woke up 5 minutes before this meeting" hair situations, and to help get through that 11th video meeting of the day: a Fancy or Spicy Ketchup Yeti ($34.99). What makes it perfect? It holds caffeine, warns co-workers of the mood of the day, and broadcasts their love for amazing Whataburger condiments.


Yes, you could just get them a Whataburger gift card, and you definitely should do that. But you can also deck out their desk with our Whataburger Legendary Trio Pens ($9.99), a Fancy Ketchup Mouse Pad ($9.99), and our Classic Diner Mug ($9.99).


Budding influencers can keep their hair our of the way while they practice the latest Tik-Tok dance with a Whataburger Scrunchie 3-Pack ($14.99), and can stash the beauty essentials in our Whataburger Makeup Bag ($14.99). Really want to make that background pop? Splurge on our Whataburger LED Neon Sign ($99.99), and you might just become a trending topic for #bestgiftever.

You know how those two weeks of no school vacation sound so blissful at first? Then reality hits, and the only carol you're hearing is "I'll be bored for Christmas." We’ve got you covered. The kids can make their own Whataburger with our BRXLZ Buildable Whataburger ($29.99), or the Whataburger Puzzle for ($22.99). If that’s not curing their boredom, send them out on a walk with the dog, sporting the very best canine fashion with our Whataburger Pet Set, which includes a leash, collar, and bowls for water and food. ($29.99)

We know, sometimes you just need to pack up and get away from the holiday hubbub. Our Custom Justin Boots in his and hers ($199.99) are made for walking, and when you pair them with our Custom Whataburger Cooler Bag ($59.99), you’re ready for a peace-restoring picnic. Tuck a couple of our new Whataburger Yeti Rambler Tumblers ($45.99) or Lowballs ($29.99) inside, and you’re ready to toast to a better 2021.

Need more ideas? From splurges to stocking stuffers, we’ve got it all on the Whatastore. Head over, and happy shopping and happy holidays!


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