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Diehard fan flies 400 miles for taste of the Whataburger Chorizo Burger

Because when you gotta have Whataburger, you gotta have Whataburger

This is Christina Croasdale. She and her husband, Rick, recently moved to Charlotte, N.C., from Houston, Texas. They are missing Whataburger.

The couple heard about Whataburger’s new Chorizo Burger, and decided to try it out for lunch one day. The catch? The closest restaurant was in Jacksonville, Fla.

Which is 380 miles away.


Fortunately, they own a plane.


The couple decided to go for it.

Two hours later, Christina got exactly what she wanted.

And then -- wish fulfilled -- Christina and Rick jumped back into their plane to head for home.

"There is a thing in aviation called the $100 hamburger," she says. "They get in a plane and fly to another airport to get a burger, and it usually costs about $100 in gas. My husband and I had never made this run before! But Whataburger hasn't let us down in the past, so we knew it was going to be worth the flight!"

Mission complete!

“The manager was shocked when she found out we literally just flew in to eat Whataburger. I think we were only in town for 30 minutes before making our way back home," Christina says. “It was definitely worth the trip. As a native Texan, sometimes you just want chorizo! I saw all of my friends back in Texas flock to Whataburger to try the burger, and they loved it. I knew I needed to get my hands on it!"

How far will you go to get your own Chorizo Burger?