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Show off your Fiesta medal collection with this DIY wreath

Perfect for your front door or your office cube, this easy-to-make wreath will make you happier than an open seat at the Battle of Flowers parade.

In San Antonio, we know how to Fiesta. That means the fanciest chanclas in town and enough medals to sink a ship. This year, work your stash of colorful medals into your décor! Try your hand at this easy DIY Fiesta medal wreath.



All materials can be found at your local craft store.

Plain styrofoam wreath

Hot glue gun and glue sticks




One roll of 2.5 inch ribbon (Any color or pattern)

10-15 pieces of ribbon of varying sizes and colors; cut to approx. 3 feet in length

80-100 Fiesta Medals. Don’t forget your Whataburger medals!

Fiesta-themed embellishments

Step one

Using two T-pins and glue, secure the end of your 2.5” ribbon to the back of the Styrofoam wreath. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the entire wreath, finishing on the back once it is fully covered. Secure the end with a T-pin and glue.

Step two

Gather your medals! From Whataburger-orange to Fiesta-pink, anything goes. Start at the middle of the top of your wreath. Open the medal pin, add a small amount of hot glue to the back of the medal ribbon, and stick the pin straight into the wreath, holding the medal in place for a few seconds so that the glue sticks. (You’ll want to start the first medal on the inner rim and work your way around.)

Step three

Arrange your medals in a diagonal pattern for the cleanest look. Depending on the size of your wreath, you will likely attach two rows of medals.

Step four

If you’ve been hoarding medals for years, you can cover your whole wreath with them. If not, strategically plan an open space to affix Fiesta-themed embellishments, such as flowers or a mini-sombrero. Look for something light that you can easily affix with a glue gun.

Step five

Step back and look for any holes to cover. You can add in extra medals, small flowers, or glittery embellishments to make your wreath as over-the-top as your Fiesta celebrations.

Step six

Cut a length of ribbon or poster board the width of the bottom of your wreath. Staple your pre-cut three-foot streamers of ribbon to it so they hang down. Then glue the completed piece to the back of the wreath so the ribbons hang below. If you have thin streamers, staple a cluster of them together first, then staple the cluster to the ribbon.

Step seven

Make your friends show their shoes! Display your custom-made masterpiece on your front door, your office cube, or any place in need of a little Fiesta spirit.


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