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From competitor to coordinator to cheerleader

Fan Zone fun is just the latest effort for Sue Lee.

In almost 20 years with the company, Sue Lee has been pretty much everything.

WhataGames competitor. Home Office Wellness Coordinator. Restaurant Manager.

This week, you can call her the Fan Zone Queen.

Lee, now a manager at Unit 279 in Houston, is spending the 2019 WhataGames decked out in orange and cheering for the restaurant and MSC teams who are going for the gold.

Through her past experiences, she knows her role on the Fan Zone. “I know how it feels to compete,” she says. “And I love this company. I’m proud to share that.”

A Wealth of Experience

Lee joined the Whataburger family as a Team Member at San Antonio’s Unit 717 back in 2002.

She moved up quickly, serving as a manager for the team when they went to WhataGames in 2007. She left the company briefly later that year, before coming back a few years later to rejoin Operations. In 2015, she moved to the Home Office, where she supported the company’s wellness efforts before her family moved to Houston in 2017.

That’s when she came back to her first love: restaurants.

Lee joined the team at Unit 279, continuing her commitment to the brand and the Whataburger Family. And even as she takes care of guests at her restaurant, she’s still supporting the company’s benefits team. “I’m always telling other Family Members to put money into their 401(k)!”

Fun Being A Fan

Cheering, rather than competing, is a change for Lee – but she’s eager to take it on. “I want the teams to feel the support,” she says. “I know that can make a difference.”

And, through it all, Lee is a brand ambassador.

“I know how much people here care, and I know how great Whataburger is,” she says. “This is just one more way to be part of that.”

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