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From pancakes to pens, the Whataburger Resource Room helps students fuel their dreams

This one-of-a-kind space provides food and supplies so UTSA students can stock their pantries and ace their classes

Being a college student isn't cheap.

Tuition. Books. Meals. School supplies.Transportation.

It adds up. And adds up in a hurry.

Consider that most students taking a full load of classes are juggling part-time work to supplement loans, and it’s easy to understand why they might be standing in the grocery store aisles trying to decide between buying toothpaste or lunch meat on a given week.

Whataburger is here to help.

In partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio and the San Antonio Food Bank, Whataburger has opened the doors to a new Whataburger Resource Room – a place where UTSA students can go when they’re trying to make ends meet and are facing food insecurity.

Co-branded with fun Whataburger and UTSA decor, the room is stocked with perishable and non-perishable food items and toiletries, including canned goods and dairy products. There’s also Whataburger-branded school supplies like backpacks and pens, bottled water, and fun orange-and-white sunglasses, hand sanitizers, and similar items.

And while students can’t order their favorite Whataburger meal at the Resource Room, they can pick up Whataburger-brand pancake mix, chips, mustard and ketchup, cookies and even fruit chews.

Best of all? It’s 100% free for students who need a boost.

 “Whataburger knows that the dream of a college education can be quickly derailed when students struggle with basic needs,” said Pam Cox, vice president of Human Resources and Brand Communication for Whataburger. “Our support of this pantry is not just an investment in UTSA students, but also in their communities and future generations of Roadrunners.”

The San Antonio Food Bank is working with Whataburger to ensure the shelves stay stocked year-round.

“We are appreciative of Whataburger and the San Antonio Food Bank for their support and longstanding relationship with UTSA,” said UTSA President Taylor Eighmy. “These efforts will help us address the food insecurity needs of many students, allowing them to focus on their educational goals. Partnerships like this are helping us to eliminate obstacles that can impede student success, and Whataburger’s commitment toward that goal is to be commended.” 

The Whataburger Resource Room officially opened Feb. 20 with a celebration attended by leaders from Whataburger, the San Antonio Food Bank, and UTSA.

While located at the downtown campus, The Whataburger Resource Room is open to all UTSA students. A similar resource room is open at the UTSA main campus, where it has served more than 10,000 students since it opened in 2017.

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