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Futures Fueled by Whataburger

Celebrating the Class of 2021

For 100 Whataburger Family Members in the class of 2021, the weirdest senior year ever just ended a little bit brighter. 

They are among the 385 total Whataburger Family Members and dependents who will receive $750,000 in scholarships from the Whataburger Family Foundation for Fall 2021. 

These seniors navigated virtual and in-person instruction, and different learning models, as their high schools adapted to challenges from the pandemic. Then, they masked up and went to work serving up Whataburger hospitality to their communities. 

For many of them, their part-time jobs were crucial to their families, as other members of their household lost income due to the economic downturn. 

“This year has particularly demonstrated the important role that profitable companies play in the community,” scholarship recipient Abigail Turner, who works at Unit 997 in Houston, said. “Whataburger is a great example of this. We are providing food to people in our community, and jobs to people like me.The Whataburger Family Foundation is another example of how a profitable business can have further impact on the community.” 

Turner will be attending Southern Illinois University this fall to study business, joining the 385 other Family Members whose loads are just a little bit lighter this fall.

“This scholarship will not only lessen the impact of my educational costs, but it will also make a huge impact by helping me move forward to pursue my dreams in business management,” she said.


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Four Years of Scholarships Later, He's Rolling Into a New Whataburger Career

Family Member Robert Ranara started working at Whataburger alongside his dad when he was 16 years old. This spring, he graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio debt-free -- thanks to four years of Whataburger Family Foundation Scholarships. Now, he's started a new Whataburger adventure -- watch the video to hear his story. 

Whataburger Family Foundation scholarships are just one way Whataburger cares for its Family Members. In addition to these annual awards, Whataburger is committed to training and developing the next generation of leaders for the hospitality industry by ensuring all Family Members have the chance to grow and build their careers within the company. Learn more here!