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Hometown Hero - Tommy Hartman of Austin, Texas

Every successful football needs a solid team manager. That’s why the Vandegrift Vipers have Tommy.

For two years Tommy has served as the team’s manager, while also becoming their weatherman, dietician and all around hype-man. Through it all, the Vipers credit Tommy for helping them clinch the division championship.

How’d he motivate the team to strive for victory? He promised them Whataburger if they won!

With the help of a stand-out Whataburger General Manager, Tommy and his mom were able to fulfill Tommy’s promise to the team and win more than just a game. Now, they’re heading into the playoffs as undefeated champs!

Whataburger is proud to recognize everyday heroes who make their communities special. Check out some of our other Whataburger Hometown Heroes here.

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