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Profiles in Leadership: Cedric Joyner

Getting Everyone A Seat at the Whataburger Table


Ask Family Members in the Memphis market who got them interested in a Whataburger career, and you’ll hear one name keep coming up.

Cedric Joyner, Operating Partner in Cordova, Tennessee; jokes that he brought half the team in with him when he came to Whataburger from a previous job.

“I wanted to help the people I believed in get to a culture I’ve always admired,” Cedric says. “It’s all about helping people get to where I am and beyond – We build community when we live out the idea that ‘each one teaches one’.”

Joyner, who had his share of struggles growing up, is passionate about lifting up his hometown of Memphis, and inspiring integrity in the people he works with.

“I want to build a culture where people do the right thing because it’s the right thing, not because somebody’s forcing it,” he says. “You are not just your circumstances, but what you do with them.”