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Same Family. Different Team.

She’s on one finalist team. Her sister’s on another. They’re both going for the gold.

Just call them a house divided.

Judith Ayala and Brittney Dolan are both Whataburger Family Members. They’re both first-time WhataGames competitors. And they just happen to be sisters.

But they’re not on the same team.

Ayala (above, right) is here representing Unit 4 in Kingsville, while Brittney is part of the crew from Unit 898 in Crosby.

And they’re both going for the gold.

“I love her and all,” Ayala says. “But I’m going to crush her."

Take No Prisoners

Dolan is the less competitive of the two, by her own account. "I'm just happy we're here together," she says. 

And while Ayala is pretty serious about going for the gold, she is open to a compromise. “If there was a way we could tie, that would be the best,” she says. “But otherwise, her team can take the silver. And we’ll take home the gold.”

Family First

Ayala began her Whataburger career at Unit 898, before transferring to Kingsville to pursue a teaching degree at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

She still works at Unit 898 on school breaks.

When she and Brittney, a student at San Jacinto Community College, both made WhataGames teams, Ayala told their mom she had to pick a side.

She refused.

“She’s says she’s rooting for both of us,” Ayala says.

The sisters have been careful not to share information about their team strategies or tactics with each other, although they have helped each other study.

“It’s nice to have someone else who understands,” Dolan says.

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