03:23 PM

How the South survived the great ice storm of 2018. (Whataburger is key.)

When single-digit temps swept across the south this week, folks went into survival mode. And what’s more critical to survival than Whataburger?

This fan made sure he wouldn’t have to leave the house by stocking up on some key staples.



The cold may have restricted access to this dude's car, but that just fueled his survival instinct.



Required to predict weather all day, this East Texas meteorologist took the guesswork out of lunchtime. 



And even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided the icy roads were a good excuse for a Whataburger stop.

Confused about how to make sure your pipes don’t freeze? We’ve got you covered.



Fans who had to drive somewhere found a good use for those stolen table tents. (Ahem.)