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Taquito Takeover: How One Teacher Won Big for Her School

Snapchat Contest Winner Gives 2,000 Taquitos to Her Students

Katie, a high school teacher at Washington High School in Arizona, won Whataburger’s Snapchat Contest.

She scored 2,000 taquitos to share with her students, $1,000 to donate to the Julie Foudy Scholarship Foundation, and – best of all – she got to take over Whataburger’s Snapchat for the day!

Here is her story:

The dance team kicked off the taquito celebration.

The band got everyone moving.

Everyone got their favorite taquitos.

Students were excited to try the new Chorizo Taquito too!

2,000 taquitos + friends = great morning

Thanks Katie and Washington High School! Go Rams!  Watch the entire Snapchat Story here: