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This Houston couple just took Christmas décor to a whole new Whataburger level

Take some holiday spirit, throw in some Whataburger pride, and you’ve got the WhataChristmas house. You should be so festive.

Lyndsay and Matt Pennebaker have been Whataburger fans for as long as they can remember.


In 2015, the Houston couple adorned their Heights-area home with a hand-painted WhataChristmas sign to show off their pride.


It was such a hit they did it again last year. And then, they decided to up their game this year. Out came the orange-and-white lights, the orange-and-white Christmas trees, and the Santa dressed in an orange-and-white suit.


And when they threw their neighborhood Christmas party, they invited Whataburger’s mascot Whataguy to stop by with some Whatachick’n Strips, Whataburger cookies, and other goodies to spread the cheer.


The entire neighborhood came out for Lights in the Heights, where they made the most of all the Whataburger fun and festivities.


There were even Whataburger Christmas cookies!


And Whataguy partied down with all his fans.


It was so much fun that the couple even scored an award from their neighborhood association!


Success was sweet. But not as tasty as those chicken strips.


Merry WhataChristmas, Pennebakers!


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Photos: Allison LaSalle Photography

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