10:21 AM

To our valued customers and neighbors,

To our Whataburger community,

As you know, this has been a month like no other.

While Whataburger’s commitment to serving quality, customized meals 24/7 has not changed, the way we do business has. Through it all, we have not compromised on our commitment to the safety of our employees or our guests.

We’re proud to have always led the industry in our commitment to food safety and personal health guidelines -- and we’re now proactively rolling out new policies.

  • We have introduced a new position in our restaurant: The Food Safety Captain. This employee monitors and enforces our rigorous food-safety standards on every shift.
  • Employees who exhibit symptoms of any kind are not allowed to work in our restaurants. To support this long-standing rule, we have daily wellness checks and are rolling out the use of thermometers in our restaurants.
  • Following current CDC guidelines, Whataburger has sourced and is providing disposable masks to all employees. We have already sent masks to key markets, and more are on the way to protect each of our more than 43,000 employees. In the meantime, we are encouraging employees to wear their own protective face covering.

This is in addition to our already stringent safety measures, including:

  • All Whataburger employees are required to double hand wash, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer and change gloves at least every 30 minutes. They must also follow this 4-step procedure before handling food, or after doing anything that may contaminate their hands.
  • After every customer interaction at drive-thru or curbside, employees must sanitize their gloves with hand sanitizer.
  • We’ve always inspected our kitchens regularly; now, it’s virtual. Cameras monitor all food preparation, and trained employees watch for opportunities to enhance food safety and ensure procedures are followed perfectly.
  • Strict sanitizing protocols are in place for all high-touchpoint areas, as well as counters and utensils. Additionally, each of our employees is required to complete a comprehensive food handling and safety course.
  • While we are still proud to serve you with a smile, we’re doing it at a distance these days. Whenever possible, we’re serving guests from the recommended 6-foot distance.

It’s all about keeping our Whataburger Family – both employees and guests – safe.

That’s why our leadership is in daily communication with the CDC, and why we are continuously monitoring and improving our policies and procedures. Every decision we make, every conversation we have, is about how to maintain the trust our brand has earned – and how we can best serve our communities.

We know people are counting on us to offer a warm meal and a kind word, and we want you to know that we understand how important this is. Whataburger will continue to make proactive adjustments as needed to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and guests.

Thank you for your continued trust and business. We are proud to be your Whataburger, a place where goodness lives.

Ed Nelson

President, Whataburger Restaurants