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What kind of party does a fry-loving Whataburger fan want? A Whataburger party!

For his 11th birthday, Jacob Lott got lots of what he loves: Whataburger.

Even Whataguy showed up to celebrate with the Lott family when a San Antonio restaurant threw the fry-lover his very own Whataburger party, complete with all of the orange party accessories anyone could want.

“This was probably the best birthday he’s had,” says Fred Lott, Jonathan’s dad. “He’s loved Whataburger from the beginning.”

His friends at the restaurant decked the dining room in orange—hanging balloons and banners to set the mood, and serving up cake and Whataburger favorites on branded plates.

Jacob’s cake – designed to look like our orange and white bag, a Patty Melt and, yes, french fries – was even topped with a candle that looked like a carton of fries.

Jacob and his family made memories with Whataburger party hats and photo props.

And while Jacob loved the party excitement, he remained focused on the important things. “It was a happy birthday,” he says. “I got a lot of gifts!”

Are you planning a party for a Whataburger fan? Our Whataburger birthday bundle has plates, cups, photo props and everything you need to make your event a hit. Get it on our Whatastore!

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