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Whataburger Orange is the solution to all your Halloween costume drama

Can’t decide what to be this Halloween? Take inspiration from these fans who are winning costume contests and conquering burger cravings … and looking spookily good doing it.

Is that eerie rumbling sound coming from a haunted house … or just your empty stomach? Whatadog isn’t sure if he’s spooky or starving. Or maybe it’s both. @missyspursfan

Represent the Table Tent! But be warned – fans may try to collect you. @beemully

Want to win your school’s Halloween parade? You better make room for chicken strips. @MariGuzman

Stand out with orange and white stripes. @TheDavidLozano

Sometimes you love Fancy Ketchup so much you want to BE Fancy Ketchup. @DerekAguilar

When you make a power move and decide to be Princess Fries instead of Princess Peach. @lolamedina26


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