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5 Ways to Celebrate Texas Independence Day

This March 2 marks the 182nd year since Texans banded together to declare independence from Mexico and establish the Republic of Texas. We’ve put together a few ways to show your pride this Texas Independence Day.

1. Start the day with a serving of pride

Start off the day with some Lone Star pancakes, an HBCB, or whatever your Texan-loving heart fancies.

2. Texaccesorize!

Got some Texas apparel? Whether it’s a clever tee, a 10-gallon hat or a classic accessory (ahem, the James Avery Whataburger charm) rock it with pride this Texas Independence Day.

3. Saddle up and get some Whataburger

What’s a celebration without Whataburger? Mosey on over to your neighborhood Whataburger and get your favorite meal for convenient horseback dining.

4. Don't forget your Yeti

Celebrate the day with two Texas-born companies: Whataburger and Yeti. For one-stop pride, fill your Whataburger-branded Yeti with classic sweet tea or a Dr Pepper.

5. Enjoy the beauty of the Lone Star State

Whether it’s a scenic drive across the Devil’s Backbone, dipping your toes in the water of the Gulf of Mexico, or enjoying a quiet meal by Canyon Lake, spend some time outdoors and take in the wonder that is Texas.

Check out the shop and grab some Whataburger gear, good for any holiday.

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