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Live your best Texas life

How will you be your most Texas self ever? Here’s a few ideas for living out #TexasGoals -- this year and every year.



Dinner a’deux

Enjoy the Texas sun under big blue Lone Star skies. Glam it up to really impress your favorite picnic partner.

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Fair weather fan

Whether you ride the oversized Ferris Wheel at the Texas State Fair in Dallas or gobble up funnel cakes and corndogs at small-town celebrations, every true Texan has a favorite fair.



Dine out

Dine al fresco with longhorns for an elegant evening of pure-Texas charm.

 Jaime Burrow Photography



Soak up the sun

Grab your favorite Whataburger hat and head out for a hike. Don’t forget your BFFs: Your Best French Fries and your Best Furry Friend.



Hit the road

Crank the tunes, and go explore the Lone Star State with your ride-or-die crew. Fill up on some Dr Pepper for the ride.




Get the gang together for a Patty Melt. Or six.



Back in the saddle 

Whether you’re in the Piney Woods or Lost Maples, see the scenery on four feet.



Taste the sweetness

Need a snack any time of day? Pick up one of Whataburger’s new cinnamon rolls, available 24-7 at all of our restaurants.



Where a 'win' means Whataburger

In Texas, we love our football --  whether it's a backyard ball game or Friday Night Lights. Go long. Stay hydrated.


Peak performance 

Hike Enchanted Rock, one of the Hill Country’s most recognizable landmarks, and hang out for a Texas-style sunset. (Whataburger T-shirt optional.)



Breakfast break

What warms the heart (or the toes) more than a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit with someone you love?




Roadtripping this holiday? Don't forget to download the Whataburger App so you can find restaurants near you everywhere in the Lone Star State.

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