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Southern Vibe


As a society reporter at the Houston Chronicle, Amber Elliott is one of the first people to know about up-and-coming wedding trends.

So when she noticed couples incorporating Whataburger into their big day – whether it was late-night food deliveries or wedding party gifts – she knew something was brewing.

“Whataweddings have been catching on,” Elliott says. “Brides are really starting to personalize their weddings.”

That sparked an idea for Elliott and the editorial team at the Houston newspaper. When the Chronicle held a photo shoot featuring three brides in high-end gowns last wedding season, they provided a little Whataburger flavor.

That meant taking cues from recent Houston weddings: orange-and-white stainless steel tumblers to keep bridesmaids going as they dance the night away, Whataburger sunglasses for the Instagram-perfect look, and – of course – a few Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits for late-night fuel.

The result? A unique blend of beauty and biscuits with a playful, southern vibe.

“We created a fantasy here,” Elliott says. “Not everyone can afford a dress that costs the same as a (car). So it’s good to see those things juxtaposed with something you can go out and get right now. It’s a bit of fantasy and a bit of real Texas roots in a wedding story, which is unexpected.”

Check out the final publication here.

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