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Whataburger fan makes things right with the orange-and-white, returns 150+ table tents before wedding

"It was time to get my life straight before I get married."

After taking an inventory of numerous orange-and-white-striped plastic table tents he had…acquired…from a lifetime love of Whataburger, Joseph Mora decided to come clean – and return his table tent collection to his local Whataburger in La Vernia, Texas.

Mora, 23, is about to tie the knot, and decided he needed to come clean. “It was time to get my life straight before I get married.”

Mora placed all 150+ table tents into a plastic Walmart bag (we hope it was recycled after buying some of his favorite condiments) and handed the bundle over to a Whataburger Family Member who was equal parts awe (“Are these all yours?”) and grateful for the bounty. 

To thank him for his sacrifice and congratulate him on his upcoming marriage, Whataburger is sending him some gear to help soften the blow of losing his orange-and-white table tent collection.

Read more about Joseph’s story from the San Antonio Express-News.

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