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Whataburger Homecoming Mum DIY

How to Make a Whataburger Homecoming Mum

It's homecoming season! That means it's time to roll up your sleeves, grab your glue gun and create the perfect homecoming mum. And whatever your school colors, orange-and-white are always in style. Get together with your gang to "up" your mum game with Whataburger-inspired details. 

To create the perfect Whataburger mum, we partnered with DIY blogger Haeley Giambalvo from DesignImprovised.com. Follow her step-by-step directions beleow to create your own. 

What You’ll Need:

  • 4 large heart backers (12” x 11.75”)
  • 5 large mums (6” wide)
  • 2 rolls of orange acetate ribbon (1 5/16” wide)
  • 2 rolls of white acetate ribbon (1 5/16” wide)
  • Various styles of ribbons
  • Trim and accessories
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Glue gun
  • E6000 glue
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sparkly orange pipe cleaners
  • Whataburger fry box


Step 1:

Overlap two heart backers to create a “W” and line up the holes. Staple together to secure.

Step 2:

Insert a large mum in each of the five holes, and secure in place with a generous amount of hot glue.

Step 3:

Make striped “wings” for the Whataburger “W” by cutting tenn 3-inch” strips of orange acetate ribbon and eight 3-inch” strips of white acetate ribbon.

Starting with the orange ribbon, layer five 5 orange and four 4 white ribbons, making the orange a little wider than the white. Overlap each ribbon and secure with a bead of hot glue. Create a rounded edge,  and trim as needed with scissors.

Slide each of the “wings” under the mums (in between the backer and the mums), and secure to the front of the cardboard backer with hot glue.











Step 4:

Create ribbon loops to edge the mum by cutting 7-inch” long strips of acetate ribbon. You will need 12 orange strips and 14 white strips.

Create a point by bending the ribbon in half and overlapping at the bottom. Make sure the shiny side of the ribbon is facing the outside. Staple in place. Repeat with the rest of the ribbons.

Add the ribbon loops around the outside of the wreath with hot glue. Nestle them under the mums, and alternate between orange and white.

Step 5:

Create the back of the mum by overlapping the two backer hearts similar to step 1; Staple together.














Step 6:

Cut a variety of ribbons three-feet  3 ft. long to hang from the mum.

Overlap at the base of the mum backer, and secure with a generous amount of hot glue. Avoid covering up the holes for the mums.

Step 7:

Personalize your mum ribbons with letter stickers. We spelled “whatamum!”

You can add additional embellishments, accessories, and trim to jazz up your mum.

Step 8:

Create a harness for your mum using a sturdy, thick piece of ribbon. Measure the ribbon to the appropriate length to fit around the neck. Attach the ribbon to the top of the mum backer with staples and a generous amount of hot glue.














Step 9:

Finish the mum by adhering the front hearts to the back hearts with a generous amount of hot glue. You can use a strong adhesive such as E6000 to make the mum extra secure. For the finishing touch, add a Whataburger fries box with sparkly orange pipe cleaners bent in half to look like fries!

Whether you craft this mum, or another Whataburger-inspired creation, we want to see it! Tag @Whataburger on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share your "WhataMum" or snap us at WhataburgerLife.