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Whataburger PEZ... get yours today!

It’s the latest gotta-have-it Whataburger collectible

They say you’re not famous until your head is on the top of a PEZ dispenser.

So here we are.

Whataburger fans can now purchase their very own Whataburger PEZ, a pocket-sized reminder that Whataburger is always there for you – and with you.

Known for being an orange light in the middle of a late-night journey, or a beacon of hope for guests craving breakfast, the Whataburger pole sign is one of the brand’s most recognized symbols.

The pole sign PEZ dispensers, complete with orange-flavored candy, are available online at the Whatastore in packs of two for $10.99, plus tax and includes free shipping.

Wondering how PEZ makes their unique candies and dispensers? Check out our behind-the-scene video for an insider’s view!

PEZ dispensers. James Avery Whataburger charms. T-shirts. Spicy Ketchup. All that and more can be found at the Whatastore! Free shipping every day: https://shop.whataburger.com/ 

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