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The best Whataburger stories of 2018

What a year 2018 has been for our fans! Here some of our favorite Whataburger highlights to count 2018 down to the very last bite.


1. When you can’t get to Whataburger on four wheels, you get out of the car and start using your two feet… like this guy.

2. Jason Mora gave up more than 150 Whataburger tents before his wedding. He decided it was better to speak now than forever hold these orange-and-white secrets. 

3. Randy Rogers might not remember the cake, but he will remember the Whataburger boots he got on his birthday.


4. These high school seniors struck a pose at Whataburger for prom photos. Super stylish!

Sara Spada Photography

5. And this college kid got the dorm of his dreams when Whataburger came a’decorating.

6. When this baby hits 200 mph, you’re going to see some serious stuff. This Whataburger racecar participates in NASCAR races in Alabama, Texas, and Arizona.

7.  Start them off young! A Whataburger playhouse took center stage at the 23rd Annual Parade of Playhouses in Dallas this year.

8. According to Texas Tech Basketball coach Chris Beard, what sets you apart from the competition isn’t skill, but whether or not there’s a Whataburger in close proximity.

9. Manuel “Manny” Monsebais brought everything full circle when he proposed to his girlfriend Jasmine Garza at the place where they once worked together — Whataburger.

10. Who says red and green are the traditional Christmas colors? Nah, Elizabeth Gonzalez decked out her gingerbread house in Whataburger orange and white.


11. This Austin couple tricked out their house Whataburger style to serve all the treats this Halloween.

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