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These newlyweds said "I do" and then "Let's go to Whataburger!"

All the wedding blogs speak the truth: the bride and groom never get to eat at their own wedding reception. But thankfully, it’s Whataburger to the rescue for these newlyweds!

Levi and Madalyn

They did it! Madalyn and Levi Yancey jumpstarted their joy at Whataburger after their reception in April. While Madalyn is committed to the Breakfast on a Bun, Levi has his own Whataburger menu hack:  "I love the Honey Barbecue Chicken Strip Sandwich. But instead of using barbecue sauce, I put on Honey Butter sauce. It's amazing!"


Pace and Kylie

High school sweethearts Pace and Kylie Murphy had their first date at Whataburger after a homecoming game – and they’re still going strong. Pace’s job as an offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers will take the couple to Santa Clara, Calif., this year, so the Murphys are enjoying Whataburger every chance they can. “No matter where football takes us, Texas will be our home and Whataburger will always be our favorite!” Kylie says.


Daniel and Priscila

Rick Davila Photography

Daniel and Priscila Gonzalez share a deep love for each other – and a deep love for the same Whataburger meal: a Bacon and Cheese Whataburger, hold the pickles and onions, but add grilled jalapenos. (Daniel prefers a wheat bun.) They visit their local Whataburger almost every Friday. “I’m Whataburger’s biggest fan,” Priscila laughs. “I can go on the Whataburger Meal Plan!”


Shea and Pennie

She’s #TeamSpicyKetchup and he’s #TeamHoneyButterSauce but it’s still a match made in Whataburger heaven! Pennie and Shea Thibodeaux were married in April and went out for Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits and hash brown sticks after their reception. “I loved my wedding dress so much that I wanted to wear it everywhere, even Whataburger!” Pennie says.


Charlie and Macey

After their wedding on Nov. 11, 2017, Charlie and Macey Hawthorne decided to stop in to fill up on Whataburger and get their life off to a good start. And it’s worked. The couple is enjoying their first home together, which they share with their three fur babies: Bowie, Daisy and Winnie. “We’re planning on having babies in the next couple of years, but not rushing anything!” says Macey.


Mark Anthony and Bethany

After their wedding reception ended at 2 a.m., Mark Anthony & Bethany Vidaurri stopped at Whataburger for their favorites: a Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and an Avocado Bacon Burger. “I think we could argue for hours about who's the biggest fan,” Bethany says. “But I have to admit my husband has tried everything on the menu and is always the first one in line for the limited-time-only burgers!”


John and Alyssa

For John and Alyssa Coker, the happiest day of their lives was capped by a visit to Whataburger after their wedding reception last year. Now happily married, Alyssa’s advice for brides-to-be is on point: “Get yourself a man who takes you to Whataburger for post-wedding noms!”


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