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Stories about True Love (the Whataburger Way)

From first dates to wedding receptions to anniversaries, Whataburger has been part of plenty of love stories. Here are some of our favorites, including tips to help you bring a little orange-and-white into your own celebrations.



These newlyweds said "I do" and then "Let's go to Whataburger!"

All the wedding blogs speak the truth: the bride and groom never get to eat at their own wedding reception. But thankfully, it’s Whataburger to the rescue for these newlyweds!

Four Ways to Make Whataburger Part of Your Happily Ever After

 Something old, something new, something borrowed, something orange.

Southern Vibe

Brides have started incorporating Whataburger into their big day – and a ritual is brewing.

I do! Whataburger Love

For these couples, marriage comes with a side of Whataburger love​. 

"Honey, you're my butter half"

How one couple made their favorite Whataburger menu item a key to their happiness.


From first dates to post-wedding visits … from late nights with your pals, to late nights with your newborn … you’ve inspired us with your #Whatalove.

Fries & Fairy Tales

The absolutely true love story of a boy and girl who love Whataburger a lot – and each other more.

"I'll bring the sweet, and you bring the sugar ... I'll see you soon at Whata...."

A scavenger hunt involving a mysterious note, a hero’s quest, and a romantic dinner involving one very saucy Mushroom Swiss Burger.

Four Tips for Making your Marriage Last

Advice from a couple who’s been married 60 years.

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