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Whataburger Feeding Student Success

Whataburger and Students Go Hand-in-Hand

Whataburger celebrates the potential of all students and the power of education through our Whataburger Feeding Student Success program, which focuses the brand's charitable giving at the intersection of food insecurity and education through college resource rooms, scholarship programs, and community philanthropy. We want to help remove the obstacles faced by students and help every student achieve their goals and dreams.

At Whataburger, giving back to the communities has been part of our DNA for more than 70 years. We know for neighborhoods to prosper, students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds need access to educational opportunities. This program has three main components: 

College Resource Rooms 

When college students are impacted by food insecurity and are concerned about basic needs, they may have difficulties achieving their fullest potential. Our college resource rooms provide food and other essential items for students, and do so in an accessible way, with a warm welcome from a brand they trust. 

Scholarship Funds 

Our Whataburger Feeding Student Success Scholarship Fund, will provide opportunities for high-school graduates across our footprint to take the next steps in their education journey – whether their path leads to a four-year university, technical school, or community college. Whataburger has pledged $1 million of which part of that support will fund scholarships that provide opportunities for black and other racial minority students. Whataburger employees, who we call Family Members, also have scholarship opportunities through the FSS Scholarship Fund.  

Community Support 

When we build a Whataburger, we gain a new hometown, and we know they all have unique needs. We want to make sure all our communities are a place Where Goodness Lives, and we will continue to support local programs that generates education equity and provide safe, enriching community spaces. We know we can make the most impact when we partner with local organizations within our footprint that share our commitment to helping students succeed.