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Living the Bold Life

Every guest is someone special at Whataburger. These folks are some of the standouts.

At Whataburger, some of our most fascinating customers have done a lot of living. Think eight – even nine – decades’ worth.

And let’s just say bold does not equal old.

These folks are exhilarating. They’re risk-taking. They’re inspiring.

They’re defiant, stubborn and romantic. And they have some of the best stories.

Here’s a look.

“I asked her to marry me on the first date.”

Retired football coach Bogner Stubbs, talking about his wife, Willidean

Age: 92

Bogner Stubbs


“I want to keep moving.”

Former educator Dorris McCoy, on being active in retirement

Age: 89


“I wanted to protest getting old!”

Retired Lutheran pastor Arnold Moede, explaining why he set his driver’s license on fire

Age: 92


“I called him back, and I was relieved to get the answering machine.”

Adana Hilkemeier, 85, on calling her now-husband, Don, when they started dating at age 73

Ages: Adana, 85; Don, 84 


“I didn’t go to college. It was all street knowledge.”

USMC veteran and retired businessman Hector Garza, reflecting on a marketing and sales career that started on the West Side of San Antonio

Age: 85


“I tell the girls: Don’t go in there talking about yourself when you meet a man. You shut your mouth and you listen. Then, you decide.”

Retired civil servant and fashionista Thelma Holland, on finding a man who’s worth your energy

Age: 93


“It could say on my grave marker, ‘He enjoyed trying to make good things happen.’ ”

Retired civil servant Herb Gray, explaining one way he could be remembered

Ages: Herb, 89; Carolyn, 85



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