The Bold Life series was recognized by San Antonio Magazine as part of the publication’s “Best of the City 2019: Culture and Personalities” issue. Heralded for spotlighting the “wisdom and beauty of longtime customers,” the series was recognized as “a beautiful way of highlighting the guests that have helped make Whataburger the giant it is today.” The Best of the City list features stories, shopping, restaurants and events that celebrate the top things San Antonio has to offer. Learn more about this recognition on the San Antonio Magazine site here, or enjoy the stories of these bold men and women below.


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Living the Bold Life

Every guest is someone special at Whataburger. These folks are some of the standouts.

At Whataburger, some of our most fascinating customers have done a lot of living. Think eight – even nine – decades’ worth.

And let’s just say bold does not equal old.

These folks are exhilarating. They’re risk-taking. They’re inspiring.

They’re defiant, stubborn and romantic. And they have some of the best stories.

Here’s a look.

“I asked her to marry me on the first date.”

Retired football coach Bogner Stubbs, talking about his wife, Willidean

Age: 92

Bogner Stubbs


“I want to keep moving.”

Former educator Dorris McCoy, on being active in retirement

Age: 89


“I wanted to protest getting old!”

Retired Lutheran pastor Arnold Moede, explaining why he set his driver’s license on fire

Age: 92


“I called him back, and I was relieved to get the answering machine.”

Adana Hilkemeier, 85, on calling her now-husband, Don, when they started dating at age 73

Ages: Adana, 85; Don, 84 


“I didn’t go to college. It was all street knowledge.”

USMC veteran and retired businessman Hector Garza, reflecting on a marketing and sales career that started on the West Side of San Antonio

Age: 85


“I tell the girls: Don’t go in there talking about yourself when you meet a man. You shut your mouth and you listen. Then, you decide.”

Retired civil servant and fashionista Thelma Holland, on finding a man who’s worth your energy

Age: 93


“It could say on my grave marker, ‘He enjoyed trying to make good things happen.’ ”

Retired civil servant Herb Gray, explaining one way he could be remembered

Ages: Herb, 89; Carolyn, 85


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