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Career Growth & Development

Grow your career, and learn to lead the Whataburger way

At Whataburger, your career can go as far as you’d like.

We’re committed to developing the next generation of leaders for the restaurant industry. Leaders who will do things differently. Leaders who will lead the Whataburger Way.

From Restaurant Team Member to Vice President, Whataburger provides training and opportunities for lifelong learning to ensure that all Family Members have the chance to grow and develop within the company.


Through Whataburger University Family Members can take a wide range of classes to help them lead the Whataburger way, as well as learn how to safely and efficiently prepare our food, how to provide the service that keeps our customers coming back and how to grow into their next-level roles.





Our Restaurant Career Development Path ensures that Family Members are progressing in their careers  starting at Team Member and continuing all the way through the Area Manager role. Family Members will learn to master the skills needed for success in running a multimillion-dollar business.



The RCDP curriculum includes a number of distinct experiences to help you grow in your career.

Learning Your Profession provides the initial technical training to help you understand your role — including the important systems, tools and processes of your role within the restaurant.


During Knowing Your Profession, the focus is narrowed to teach you the important foundational skills and competencies needed to be proficient in your role.


Mastering Your Profession takes you deeper, providing the knowledge you need without the years of experience usually needed to earn it.


And once you’re ready — with both the motivation and necessary skills, Advancing Your Profession will get you ready for your next-level role.

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