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Our Promise: Pride, Care, Love

Whataburger is more than a burger chain

It is a place that feels like home to more than 43,000 employees, who we call Family Members, and millions of customers. It’s a place people count on in their communities. It’s a brand built on Pride, Care and Love.

We take PRIDE in our work. We take CARE of each other. We absolutely LOVE serving our customers.

The promise of Pride, Care and Love drives our business decisions and influences everything throughout the company, from our commitment to consistently providing the highest-quality products to the rich relationships between Whataburger Family Members and guests.

More than that, we offer aspiring restaurant leaders a new challenge, a six-figure salary – and a host of other perks as outlined below.

At Whataburger, our Orange Spirit shines bright through programs that show our Pride, Care and Love.


Whataburger Family Foundation
The Whataburger Family Foundation, funded by contributions from Whataburger Family Members, fundraisers and vendors, provides financial assistance during times of need. Families help see one another through tough times. The Whataburger Family Foundation is a way to offer aid and support to Family Members urgently needing our help.


Whataburger Family Foundation Scholarship Program
The Whataburger Family Foundation doesn’t just offer a helping hand during the hard times; it also supports people pursuing their college degree and dreaming of a bright future. The Whataburger Family Foundation Scholarship Program was created for all Whataburger Family Members and their dependents to assist with the cost of their continuing education. Scholarships are awarded every year to deserving recipients in undergraduate and graduate-level programs.


Every other year, Family Members from Whataburger restaurants across the company come together to compete in WhataGames, three days of intense competition that puts Family Members head-to-head to see who can deliver best on Whataburger’s promise of hot food hot, cold food cold and the biggest smiles in the business.


Family Convention
Whataburger’s Family Convention serves as a gathering for the whole company, taking place every two years. The practice of bringing together employees from across the 10-state footprint is one that keeps Whataburger’s vision of Pride, Care and Love at the center of the business.


Orange Spirit Week
Every year, around August 8, we celebrate Whataburger’s birthday by sharing Pride, Care and Love with our community through a week of service projects for organizations working hard to create a positive impact. In 2019 alone, we donated more than one million dollars and 1,000+ volunteer hours during Orange Spirit Week.


Volunteer Spirit and Culture of Giving Back
In addition to our efforts during Orange Spirit Week, Family Members represent Whataburger as volunteers at various events throughout the year in all of the communities we serve.


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